About Brian and Eva

In the late 1990s, Brian Lovely took a break from the fashion photography and film production world to surf the secret breaks at Costa Rica’s Cabo Matapalo. He fell in love with the mountainous jungle he saw from his board and with the friendly people he met on shore and soon purchased there. During one of his yearly return trips to Matapalo, he saw a jaguar walk across the point of the property in broad daylight—an exceedingly rare and portentous event. From that day on, he called the place Punta Jaguar—Jaguar Point.

Eva Fleischauer and Brian met on a fashion shoot in the early 90s; reconnecting years later. After sharing his secret place with Eva on several trips, he also shared his dream to live there fulltime. The two decided to go off the fashion and production grid and throw themselves into the jungle for real. They traded cameras and slates for hammers and a DIY treehouse in the jungle. Now a married couple, the Lovelys camped out in the jungle for two and a half years with no electricity, using ice blocks to keep food cold and a camp stove to cook as they handcrafted their dream home. Their efforts resulted in a beautiful three story treehouse in the jungle canopy and a magnificent jungle bungalow, which they now lovingly share with you.