20th, May 2022


I could write pages on this magnificent property, caretaker, and overall location in the Osa Peninsula. Everything said was true, and more, by other reviewers. The monkeys and 4:30am daily etc.

I will attempt to give a few tips in order to hopefully make things easier for travelers--I have no complaints at all. I suggest flying into Puerto Jimenez via Sansa Airlines (or others). There are a few car rental companies steps from the airport. We walked to ours w/luggage and the help of Daniel, a little boy who stood outside and assisted ppl to taxis or where to go. Alamo car rental has an employee named Alberto who is equally cool, helpful, informative--again it is walking distance w/ luggage. The grocery store is a minute away and has everything you need. I suggest two Styrofoam coolers and extra ice(5 bags lasted us 5 days easily). FYI, you wont need much paper money if cooking your meals and keeping things home-based. However take some for emergencies and/OR tips(for caretaker) or if planning excursions that require payments. Some of those can be done via WhatsApp. Google Map works fine, with only minor drops. Do rent a 4x4! A Toyota Fortrunner(sp?) was great for us. The ride there is bumpy yet BEAUTIFUL. Don't worry about those couple of water crossings if in 4x4--it was pretty cool actually to do it. ALSO, any left turn on 30-40 drive to Treehouse could lead to amazing beaches.

Trust me, we explored and found many stretches of empty and gorgeous beaches. Also, don't be discouraged or worried about finding the gate entry to property. The initial gate entry is clear as day, in day, if you are using Waze or Google Map. Once passed its a slow, winding, 10 (or so) min mostly downhill trek w/ the eventual driveway being on right side, after passing another (marked private) type villa. If you miss it don't me you'll get it and never miss it again. I'll skip the House review because other reviews tell you. Pictures are justice alone. It's massive---just awe inspiring. NOTE!!!!! OKAY, this blew our mind. No review mentioned you could see the bioluminent plankton in the water, at night, from the bedroom. the water & waves were a light show of electric colors at every crash. We were stunned as we stood asking each other "what is THAT, only to realize what it was suddenly. Was free, what others often pay to go see elsewhere. Do buy headlamps(amazon) for going to car or outside bathroom at night--handsfree and awesome. The beach...well okay. So, the stairs/ path leading down to it is long and strenuous. I'm in great shape and it worked my muscles over, coming back up. We took breaks. Just FYI. Not a complaint but just noting to others. This is nature and if you prefer an easier walk to beach you may want to drive to any number of other locations easily accessible by car during day. Equally once you do walk down do make sure you leave to return back up stairs before sundown. It gets pitch black and you will hear every crab and bug scurrying by, as well as be unable to see where you are (w/o lamps). We made that mistake 1st day and luckily made it back after some wrong turns. So, leave to head back well before sundown. However, was so worth it to experience the rawness! some of the trees are breathtaking and the birds and lizards will stop you in tracks.

Note, at bottom of stairs are other villas etc in a shared but secluded area. If unable to walk stairs you can drive back to main road, drive towards Puerto Jimenez for a few minutes and make a right turn to a lower road that will take you down to that very same location. I suggest doing this anyway, at some point, do to the amazing things you'll see. Further up up that drive we hiked and found King Louis Waterfall. The caretaker is amazing. If you need anything, even laundry done, ask him. He speaks no English but google translate and laughter was our friend. He brought us spices and coconuts--- which he opened for us then left machete so I could do the rest later in night after meals---fresh coconut water after the beach. There is no hot water but the temperature is so pleasant you wont miss it. The waves are a bit much for those not surfers so, if you do crave more than splashing(I do both relax/watch and also swim so can enjoy any beach) there are beaches before and pass Puerto Jimenez you can swim in and enjoy. calm waters like Playa Blanca, Playa Colibri etc. Explore. We traveled as far as Carate and all the way around to Playa Isidora opposite direction, then spent every evening in this beautiful treehouse listening to waves crash and the night sky become a show. If you have a Drone or GoPro you will have footage unimaginable--just via timelapse. This place is life-changing and life-affirming.